It includes:
2 small rooms, 1 medium room, 1 salon and 1 staircase.

Dimensions saloon:
Height 43cm
Width 33.5cm
Depth 22cm

Dimensions middle room:
Height 21.5cm
Width 33.5cm
Depth 22cm

Dimensions small room:
Height 21.5cm
Width 17 cm
Depth 22cm

Please include your color preference in the comments and a phone number or email so we can contact you if we need to exchange a color because it’s out of stock.



Doll houses should be able to do what children also appreciate about their rooms – they should be changeable. The Hase Weiss doll houses react to this by consisting of individual rooms that can be built on top of each other as desired. The modular system gives children the opportunity to rebuild, expand and change their dollhouse. Even entire cities and landscapes can be created that can be played on from all sides. The simple design offers space for a variety of creative uses of the room.

Handmade in a small workshop for people with special needs in Poland. Small mistakes are inevitable.

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Weight 9 kg