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  • Mouse Ella


    5x15x10,5 cm

    Suitable for children from 2 or 3 years.
    Ella is a real ballet mouse and lives in the Mouse Mansion. She likes to wear her pointe shoes and tutu all day long. In her room, Ella practices pirouettes at the bar. And sometimes she performs with Sam at the theatre. Now Ella is also available in a plush version! Play the adventures of The Mouse Mansion with this cute 12 cm mouse. Also suitable for in your homemade mouse mansion. These cuddly toys are of high quality. They are sturdy (keep their shape nicely) and do not break easily. Good for years of fun!
    Other characters available are Sam, Julia and Grandpa Zeeman. Collect them all!
    The mice are made by plush manufacturer Bon Ton Toys and are tested and suitable for all ages. The mice have the CE logo.

    Material: cotton & polyester. Washing by hand only, allow to air dry.

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