OFFBITS Transportation Kit – SkyBit


  • Age: over 6 years
  • Material: steel, plastic
  • Parts: 109
  • Includes tools, instructions and online code
  • Promotes the development of motor skills
  • Stimulates imagination and develops creativity strengthens logical thinking

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Let your imagination fly as high as the sky with the creative power of nuts-and-bolts construction!

Following the illustrated instructions, you can get to transform this jumbled collection of colorful nuts, bolts, and unique hardware pieces into a beautiful helicopter, ready for take off. With SkyBit the sky’s the limit!

Then… Ready to take the construction excitement to the next level? – Take the whole thing apart and follow the instructions further to build two more amazing creations. Explore the skies from a new perspective with the DroneBit. Turn your playroom into a Chilean farm with the AlpacaBit.

Or – Forget the instructions and transform the whole thing into a unique creation of your own design!

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